The Eventorbot was one of the first machines I built. It also happens to be one of the absolute worst performing 3D printers I know of. One of my Lehigh Professor’s eloquently dubbed it the “Shakerbot” as a result of the instability of Z axis and build plate platform. All of the negative comments aside I am thankful for the experience this machine provided me with. I can say without a doubt I encountered almost every problem that exists for FDM style machines.

I cannot recommend this machine to anyone. In my honest opinion the only redeeming quality this machine has is its minimalist and wire-free design.


Assorted Images

Although the machine looks rigid the folded sheet metal frame was anything but. Vertical alignment and orthogonality were both lost causes.


After getting the entire machine together printing was a constant battle between finding the most stable part of the bed and maintaining enough tension with the Bowden style extruder to get a somewhat consistent extrusion.

1st Semi-Successful Print
1st Semi-Successful Print

The reason it was dubbed the “shakerbot”

Shakey Minion ft. Eventorbot